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Since our founding in 1971, GMS and its subsidiary companies have always believed in helping employees and their families in time of need. To this point, in September of 2017, the GMS Family Fund was created. GMS Family Fund, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization that GMS employees and other parties can donate to in order to support fellow employees in times of need.

Family fund assistance is available to any eligible GMS employee who has been affected by an unexpected event that directly affects the employee or an immediate family member, causing financial distress to the employee.

Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to employees of GMS and its subsidiaries in times of need.

Our Organization

GMS Family Fund, Inc is a private non-profit charitable organization sponsored by private donations. Though it benefits employees of GMS, Inc. and its subsidiary companies, it operates as a completely separate legal entity. The organization was incorporated in the State of Georgia and has its headquarters in Tucker, Georgia.

GMS Family Fund is an IRS 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation To ensure that your donation goes to eligible families, not to unnecessary overhead, the GMS Family Fund was founded with private donations and is run by volunteers. There are no paid staff. Mandatory and discretionary administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Meet the Staff

GMS Family Fund Officers

Jack Hawkins, President 

Kate Scully, Vice President

Kim Camara, Vice President of Human Resources

Lauren Eubank, Vice President of Marketing

Bernie Beumer, Vice President of Tax

Amanda Garman, Vice President of Development

Chelsey Lewis, Secretary

Dawn Chumley, Treasurer

Holly Boyles, Grant Officer

Sheila Daniel, Executive Assistant


GMS Family Fund Board of Directors

Allyson Reeves

Rebekah McCorvey

Jannah Overcast

Frank Clark, GMS

David Kreber, Capitol Materials Coastal